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Are they really falling down a 100 planes each year?

Many greetings from the Bolivian Amazon!

Many possibly know that I became very serious ill in Haiti (March 2016) to the point that conventional medicine gave me little hope.

Thanks to God and years of research (via Internet, Webinars, etc..when I got Internet trying to find alternatives because of lack of medication) and taking the right decisions, I feel more healthy then ever now ;)

One thing – as an MD is helping other patients to take an alternative approach when you know that conventional medicine will fail. Another thing is to treat yourself taking an alternative approach… I did because I wanted to stay to the truth of what I had communicated to many regarding a holistic approach. But still…. I was doubtful.

To my own big surprise, the healing of my totally diseased body was even quicker then many (alternative) prognoses gave me while conventional prognoses were disastrous.

Proof is that I travelled already back from Belgium, Europe to Haiti in October-November 2016 (same year!). This hurricane – category 4-5 – was the worst in more then 50 years that crossed over the Haitian coastline between Haiti and Jamaica. It’s on this coastline where I got a clinic and about 200 orphans since the Earthquake in Haiti (Jan. 2010). Both buildings were destroyed….and – on top of this – nobody knew where the orphans were…. After 15 hours driving from Port-au-Prince (coming from Brussels!) through mud and crossing rivers (bridges were destroyed), we could reach the place, save, cure, feed and relocate the children and even help in neighbor villages where we found a thousand death people and many wounded….

Then, I returned to Belgium (great insurance!) to further treat myself. While treating my own disease around December – January, we were able to help and give Christmas presents to the Pakistani and Haitian Orphans (cfr. Facebook Rik Celie if you scroll back) where I have been working (see also bio below).

In the meantime, amazed about my own healing, I started (while recovering in Belgium) extra studies for MD’s in Epigenetics and Immunology and succeeded already in January with success my exams/ tests.

Still in January, I left again to Bolivia where I am helping right now the poorest of the poor since I started there in 1986!
I have clinics, medical teams, etc.. all over the place in a country 36 times my own country and 100 times less accessible.
I only want to go (with my local teams) to these places where no other Doctor wants to go. Because of an already good organized medical system (regarding Bolivia) in the Andes Mountains where the Aymara’s and Quetchua’s (ancient Inca’s) live since Evo Morales (an Aymara Indian) came to power, we are focusing now more and more on the huge region between the Andes and the Amazon where health care is as good as non-existent. This, since several years…

Although, we were robbed (mission base, medical material, etc..) by the Cocaine mafia there in Santa Ana de Yacuma (Bolivian Amazon), we continue the work about 700 miles North-East and South-East of Santa-Cruz de la Sierra near the Brazilian boarder.

I am now just back from an expedition (see FB). There, we concentrate on what we call the “silent killer”. Most children don’t receive the necessary 2100 Kcal a day and this provokes malnutrition in all kind of stages. Immunity goes down and essential organs like liver, heart and kidneys don’t function properly anymore.

This goes together with the all-present parasites in this region. Earlier studies we did showed that each average child has 400% parasites in his own body. This means thousands… ten thousands of larva’s and eggs in the intestines (and sometimes liver via blood, etc..) of the child. The Immune system goes so fast down that the body collapses because of other diseases take over. Therefore, everybody needs at least multivitamin and anti-parasite medication.

I don’t know if you know this but each day 28.000 children under five die from only 5 easily treatable diseases. That’s like 100 planes full of babies who fall down on let’s say New York City considering that the dying New York City people (collateral damage) would be all the other adults and children who die on the ground.
Even yesterday, I saw a lady who lost half of her children. She got 8 children and 4 died before even becoming 5 years. Also dental care is a huge problem there.
I feel tired now but that’s quiet normal I think. I am also sorry for my English language ( I am a man of many languages ;) but wanted to write you directly to be more in direct contact with those who really want to partner ( as I don’t have time to make any promotion and not even the money to invest in promotion.
Temperatures here are close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is more then 90%. I want to thank all who really partner with this mission in name of my teams and the thousands of patients who don’t have a cent…
Rik Celie, MD

For those who don’t know very well Dr. Rik

Dr. Rik Celie is a Flemish (North-Belgium) European-American MD who works since decennia in the poorest regions of Bolivia and Haiti. Everywhere he goes, he sets up local medical teams to continue the work he starts. Also these doctors depend on donations. And… the more patients they see, the more needs we have…
Dr. Rik worked since 1986 not only in the poorest countries of the world but looked especially for the poorest regions in these poor countries.
He wanted to go only where no doctor wants to go. It’s the reason why he only can work with local (national) medical teams. He also brought relief during natural catastrophes in the earthquakes of Bolivia (1998) and in Haiti (2010), Hurricane Sandy and Matthew (Haiti 2014 and 2016), cholera epidemics, Supertyfoon Philippines (2013).

Between 2011 and 2014, he worked on risk of own life in N. Pakistan (near Afghanistan boarder) to help the minority groups who are literally surrounded by Taliban, Al Qaeda and IS. His teams are still present there. Only lack of means stop them as needs are even too big to write or tell about. You need to be there to feel the pain, grief, heat or cold, tortured people. murders, decapitations, etc.. Many diseases, acute and chronic stress due to presence of these extremists makes life there just impossible for these 6 million people group (3% of about 200 million people are minority). 
Thanks again for all support!
Rik Celie, MD 

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