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Boliva Update

It is interesting to determine how we continue with the work in Bolivia too. We are currently working on the construction of Pastor Romulo’s church that was destroyed during an Andes earthquake. Pastor Romulo has been always my “Inca” guide for more than 23 years. We also continue with the construction of the house for Dr. Ino’s family. And sadly enough, we experienced some serious water damage in our new Southern Clinic in Tarija, Bolivia. The last mile however is always the ‘longest one’.

However the Medical Center in South Bolivia works fine since May 2013. It is now winter in the Southern hemisphere and in the Andes mountains, this means this is the dry season. And yes, even the medical center in Yamparaez — where we have transformed our offices into a medical center — runs fine. This is because of some designated funds. Most non-designated funds are continually used to provide the greatly needed medical care among very poor families.

Pastor Romulo went also with a DM jeep in the ravine due to a blowout of the front tire. Thank God, the 6 passengers including his 3 year old son Job survived and did not have mayor injuries with exception of one passenger who needed a rather expensive surgical intervention. (Cf. Photo of almost total per jeep).

I myself came for the summer to Europe. As many have rightly pointed out, these are not always “holidays” because of the many contacts we need to make in order to continue the work. Also, the online ‘paperwork’ never stops.

Recently I fell seriously ill. Thank God, this happened in Belgium where I have good insurance. After four weeks of hospitalization at the University Hospital in Ghent I am now doing better. Once, the worst was over, I did not need books to read like the other patients but continued from my hospital bed the online work of the teams in the various countries.

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