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Dr Celie – temperatures up to 110 F(45 degrees C), with 2700 wildfires around him. Dedicated to doing all he can.

It’s Elsa. A few days ago, I heard from Rik – from Dr Celie – but he is such a warm caring person he feels like “Rik.” I thought you might also want to know.

Here is his message:

My team and I have been overwhelmed with tons of work as there is no healthcare nor missionary help in the regions (very poor Andes & Amazon regions near Brazilian border). We became very tired in the meantime…..

From the last time you wrote to me (I really don’t know the date anymore), I went to the mission field as the needs were obviously overwhelming and my local Doctor team was “screaming” for some more help as well in the Andes as in the Amazon.

We are suffering a lot as temperatures rise till 110 Fahrenheit? (45 degrees Celsius) and – as I read in a local Newspaper – we were surrounded by more than 2700 wildfires.

I am doing less or more OK and plan to go to Belgium to be with my family for Christmas. Also to do the needed medical preparations in January for my surgery in February. I didn’t even write this before as I believe everything will be OK and I don’t want to become a worry myself. I have seen enough during my more than 33 years of ministry in catastrophes (earthquakes, hurricanes, super typhoons, epidemics, wildfires, etc…) and in several of the poorest regions on earth.

They finally planned the surgery on February 19th. (was first planned on February 5th). My hope is to be again on the Bolivian mission field in the second part of March depending if there are complications or not.

Thank you and all members of your church for all financial support and prayers!

God bless you,

God bless Rik and all those around him.


Now it’s Elsa again. I will end this brief update, as I always do, with a link so you can give, if you are moved to and can afford it – as I was moved to give, a number of years ago. I am so glad to be connected to this dedicated caring man.

Here is the link. Please be generous.

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