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03/18 Report from Bolivia and Haiti

One of the biggest issues regarding global health are poverty and poor sanitation systems. Open defecation and no drinking water provokes a real health problem.

We keep going out with our Medical teams here in the Bolivian Amazon, in the Bolivian Andes and in Haiti to bring healing.

However, if these issues receive no real solutions, parasites, starvation from chronic diarrhea’s among babies and children and many tropical diseases will always again affect people in slumps and far away villages.

It’s therefore we are looking for extra donations not only to have more medicines but also to bring in cleaner water and a clean sewage and sanitary system. Otherwise, diseases will always be around the corner.

We already have US$ 3,500.00 of the 10,000.00 we asked for some months ago to have a second hand jeep and reach the people high in the mountains of Haiti.

Unicef confirms what we see….. Dozens of million of children die every year due to a lack of sanitation from diarrhea alone. More people die of health problems related to sanitation issues every day than do of malaria, HIV and the top five deadliest diseases combined!

It affects more then one billion people among the world and happens especially happens in places like Haiti, Bolivia and some other very poor nations.

The first victims are always the world’s poorest people. It’s the reason why the village of Manceau and surroundings in inland Haiti asked me a year ago to please help them to have clean water and a good sewage system.

Even worse, poor sanitation make girls and woman very vulnerable. Through the years working in these poor regions, you start to understand how important it is to listen to the stories of young mothers of small children who lost their children or were sexually assaulted due to this problem.

Many examples could be shown in Haiti alone. They were painfully shown after the earthquake in Haiti and the following Hurricanes that devastated the country. The real dramas however happen to these people when emergency teams leave but infrastructure is not restored at all.

My Haitian team has been so busy after one of these acute natural disasters opened up the way to these either chronic problems. One drop of cholera start to just sweep through the population…. Sames happens with not having sufficient nutrition of the huge increase of orphans.

Right now, we are going out again in the Bolivian Amazon and Andes thanks to your help but we could do so much more with a little more financial help. Not buying one Starbucks Coffee can save a life…

Every life is so precious and full of emotions which can be filled with true joy and peace as you enable us to continue our work.

Life matters!

With a grateful heart!

Rik & our Doctors On Mission Teams


PS: Pictures will be shown at Rik Celie (Facebook)

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